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November 2, 2018

Here are today’s highlights from the 4pm radio news show…


More people are encouraged to adopt children as November is National Adoption Month. Alexander Lindsay was adopted in 1985 and wishes that people would view adoption more positively. Hear our interview:

The NHS are refusing IVF treatment to many women over 34. Government guidelines state that it should be available free up until the age of 42. However, due to cuts, many clinics are prioritising life-saving procedures over non-essential treatments:


The demand for council housing has increased in Leeds. Almost 800 people have bid for one single house in Roundhay. Leeds City Council now has a greater demand for social housing than they can supply, but they are attempting to solve this issue:

Lung Cancer has been announced as the biggest killer in Leeds for the last 17 years. More than 200 people died last year from the condition, which is an increase from 2016. We spoke to smokers in Leeds today:

The story of a Leeds-based choir who forced a weapons company to pull out of an arts event is being told at the city’s film festival this weekend. Commoners Choir member Carolyn Edwards explains the series of events:


A three-day strike’s ongoing at Bradford university over plans to axe jobs. Unison members are picketing at the university. But PHD student Gillian Durham feels the strike may have little impact…

Scientists at Oxford University have claimed that being vegan is the biggest way to reduce your impact on the earth and its climate. The demand for vegan options has increased, but people are worried the lifestyle choice may affect their social life:

Firework displays have begun across Leeds in celebration of Bonfire Night. People have already been misusing fireworks in Leeds, after a blind lady was attacked in Hyde Park. Emma Hammert, founder of First Aid for life, worries further trouble could follow:

The annual Black Friday shopping day is almost upon us, but there could be a reduction in the number of shoppers on the streets this year. Stats have shown that almost half of us would rather shop online than brave the stores. Brad Patefield explains:

A martial arts group is encouraging people to try something new after its first session this week. The Shorinji Kempo class is the first of its kind in Leeds and will be teaching self defence techniques with Japanese philosophy:



The Day of the Dead is a Mexican cultural celebration for loved ones who’ve died, and it’s becoming popular in the UK. There are a number of themed events across the city today:


That’s all from Leeds Hacks today, we hope you enjoy your weekend!



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