Leeds Beckett will spend a quarter of a million on new Food Court refurbishments

December 11, 2018

The university has released plans to renovate their food courts on both campuses over Christmas.

by Suzannah Rogerson and Katie Garrett

Leeds Beckett University has released plans to spend £250,000 on refurbishing their campus café’s. The Rose Bowl Food Court located on the City Campus and the Tiki Coffee Shop on the Headingley Campus, are the two food spaces which will be redone over the Christmas period.

The plans are set for the revamp to begin on the 14 December and aims to be completed by the 8 January 2019. It will take place during the universities winter break – with fewer students and staff likely to visit minimising the impact on the customers.

With the food courts acting as a central hub for both students and staff within the university, it was deemed necessary to improve the space to provide them with a modern environment to meet, relax and work.

Marketing Manager Gareth Brew said “the University sees these social spaces as key areas for investment as they are spaces where our Leeds Beckett community come together”.

Along with the visual improvements of new lighting, furniture and service counters, the Rose Bowl Food Court will reopen on 9 January and be renamed to become the Beckett Kitchen. The menu will also see a makeover to include brand new recipes created by the university chefs.

Students are excited to see the new renovations, although some did voice concern over the amount that was being spent and where the money was coming from.  When we questioned the University about where the funding was coming from no specific answer was given as the catering areas are managed in-house by the university.

The Rose Bowl Food Court will remain open offering a limited service. The Tiki Coffee shop will be closed and additional seating can be found near Chicken Shack.






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