Leeds Business Week: Add some fun to your Twitter feed

October 21, 2014

By Holly Hill

A Twitter feed needs tone of voice to be a success, Leeds businesses were told last Wednesday (15 October) at Leeds Business Week.

Manager of Sparkle PR, Nicola Little, spoke on behalf of Superfast West Yorkshire about the importance of using Twitter correctly as a business. She said: “Every business has a tone of voice…you know Disney is completely different to a solicitors down the road and your Twitter feed needs to represent that.”

According to Twitter’s website there are 500 million tweets published every day, so using hashtags and key words can help define a target audience and find potential clients.

Nicola Little expressed the importance of defining target audiences and using tone: “Do your research first to find out if your customers are on Twitter, if they’re not you don’t have to be there just for the sake of it.”

Nicola Little speaking about  Twitter at Leeds Business Week Credit to Www.beckyjoy.photography

Nicola Little speaking about Twitter at Leeds Business Week
Image courtesy of www.beckyjoy.photography

Research done by Socialmediatoday.com states that 51% of active Twitter users follow companies and 37% of those will purchase something from a brand they follow, making Twitter an invaluable tool for businesses. However, only 70% of smaller businesses use Twitter, even though Twitter users are three times more likely to follow a company on Twitter than on Facebook.

Tailoring tweets to a target audience can make a lot of difference, with around 60% of users following brands for customer service purposes. Nicola Little agreed, saying: “For me the more fun you have with it the more likely people are to engage with you, if you’re sending robotic messages they’re not going to engage with you.”

She stressed that a business’s Twitter should be less about replicating their website and posting information about their products but more about adapting to their audience and focusing on customer service.



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