Leeds Business Week: Secure cloud computing – a modern oxymoron?

October 21, 2014

By Dan Golder.

Representatives of small and medium businesses (SMEs) have been told they could cut 20% on their spending, 70% on energy cost reduction and 95% in air con costs at a presentation in Leeds.

Picture courtesy of Atlas Cloud

Picture courtesy of Atlas Cloud

The bold claims came from a leading provider of Cloud IT services, Atlas Cloud as they, together with Citrix and Agenci information Security presented the potential benefits and challenges of adopting cloud solutions on the final day of the Leeds’ Business week.

So what exactly is this term “cloud” that has seemingly become a commonly used term when used without reference to the day’s weather forecast? Pete Watson, CEO at Atlas Cloud described their own computing clouds as “separate and secure domains that will never co-exist” with other businesses domains. Mr Watson then used a car park analogy to metaphorically answer the cloud conundrum. He said “imagine a car park, the building is shared but each car parking space is yours” for the time that you use it.

The presentation was three fold, the first section explaining how an Atlas cloud tailored desktop solution could increase efficiency amongst the “the three key assets of any organisation; people, cash and information” and how to optimise them with help of the cloud. The second section was linked to the progressive change that is currently occurring in the world of business where traditional IT setups are moving away from having to invest in servers, buy licenses and refresh PCs every few years and are changing to “pay as you go” computing which is what Atlas cloud’s solution can offer.

Lastly, the third section focused around arguably the most important concern for any business, its’ security. Gary Hibbard, MD of Agenci information outlined how Atlas cloud can help increase security in your organisation and how crucial it is to have the “right processes and technology in place to minimise the risk of data theft”. Mr Hibbard said, “There are no secure clouds, only secure companies” claiming Atlas cloud to be one of them.

Letting company ‘KIS’ quoted on their website, “the team quickly understood our business objectives and built a scalable IT model that is highly secure, requires no maintenance and will serve us for years to come.

In a growing market climate, it remains to be seen if Cloud Atlas can continue to fulfil its promises and battle market giants in the industry such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and really prove its return on investment.



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