Leeds Business Week: Twitter is the future of building relationships with customers

October 21, 2014

By Aimee Robinson

Twitter is rapidly becoming the future of building relationships with customers, manager of Sparkle PR, Nicola Little revealed at Leeds Business week.

Hosting a talk on behalf of Super Fast West Yorkshire business support programme, she shared her insights into how Twitter conversations can benefit local businesses.
“I kind of stumbled into it in all honesty,” she says, “ and then I saw how powerful it was so in return my businesses got a big network of people. I have loved it ever since which was probably about six years ago”

Credit to Becky Joy Photography: www.beckyjoy.photography

Photograph courtesy of Becky Joy Photography: www.beckyjoy.photography

“It was obvious how powerful that Twitter was as a tool for brands so all of a sudden there’s 50 businesses and all those businesses have got hundred of followers. When you add that up cumulatively that’s a lot of people you can reach and people have just jumped onto it.”

Twitter, in the last eight years, has rapidly grown with more than 500 million people using it as of July 2014. Figures show that 93% of shoppers decisions are influenced by social media, and that 90% of customers trust peer recommendations over a mere 14% of people who trust advertising.

However, Little also pointed out that maintaining a relationship required the upkeep of conversations with followers. She used local Twitter conversation #Leedshour, ran by Yorkshire based digital marketing agency Harrison Mann, as an example. Running between 8-9pm every Thursday #Leedshour was originally a place for businesses to communicate and share ideas.

“Initially when I started going on (#Leedshour) they were about starting conversation, businesses were doing business together and now a lot of people are just promoting a message which is not what is effective.”

Instead Nicola advises business owners to show interest in their customers and ask basic questions, in order to connect with them on a human level.



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  1. Beth Hewitt

    Hi Aimee,

    Thanks for the great write up and mention of the Superfast West Yorkshire Seminar at the Leeds Biz Week event. I t was a really great day.


    Beth Hewitt
    Superfast WY Project Manager


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