Media Powerlist: Less than a quarter of media bosses are female

January 18, 2019

Research shows only 23% of board members from the most powerful media companies in the UK are female.

By Emma Hildebrand

Out of the 33 biggest media companies in the UK, only five of them are female dominated.These are results from research done by Leeds Hacks on the ‘Media Powerlist’.

The five biggest companies in the UK all have big gender gaps on the board of directors. Sky Limited, the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the UK, has zero females on their list of directors on

ITV is the only company on the top five list that has more female directors than male. The company’s turnover is more than 3 billion pounds, and this is the only company on the ‘Media Powerlist’ that earns to that extent with a female dominated board.

The gap between male and female board members is big, even in the biggest media companies

The gap between male and female board members is big, even in the biggest media companies

Which? is one of the few companies on the ‘Media Powerlist’ with a female CEO, Anabel Hoult, which they hired in October 2018. But according to Third Sector, Hoult is payed significantly less than the former male CEO of the company, Peter Vicary-Smith.

“The UK has one of the highest gender pay gaps in Europe”, House of Commons state in a report from 2018. They also report that the median of the economy is as high as 18% in favor of men.

“There shouldn’t be this kind of gap between men and women in any field in 2019”, an employee that wants to stay anonymous from Women’s Resource Centre states.

Out of the 33 companies on the ‘Media Powerlist’ Leeds Hacks included in the research, only 5 companies had less male board members than female. This means that 77% of the directors for these companies are male.

There are 27 of the companies researched that are male dominated

27 of the companies researched are male dominated

The research also showed that Telegraph Media Group, the company behind The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph has a board that includes seven men but not a single woman.



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