Four best Leeds culture blogs

March 20, 2017

There are a plethora of publications that aim to keep you informed with what’s happening in Leeds. With this in mind we’ve condensed down the top 4 cultural blogs that focus on the Leeds area so you have the best sources at your disposal.


Leedsnight by Andrew Roberts

There’s a reason for the increase in Leeds-based culture magazines.

Over the years Leeds has evolved from a working-class city into one of the cosmopolitan centers of the North.

Living in a dynamic city like Leeds it’s important to remain relevant in order to adapt to your surroundings as the city pulsates with activity.

4. Digital Diva appeals to the aspirational, female, reader who’s inquisitive about luxury product and hi-life culture. Written in a personable style it’s comfort reading at it’s best.

3. A site that embodies it’s name well is the Leeds city magazine. It is a holistic guide to inform you of the best places to indulge your appetites and point you in the right direction from sporting events to what’s current in LGBT community.

2.Leeds inspired has it’s focus on the arts well embedded on the site. Perhaps a bit too artsy for the average reader it does however offer incites into the ever growing city center.

1. Leeds List is a well laid out site with a mature, refined, theme. The site offers the reader incites into whats recently come to Leeds with their “new to Leeds” section, keeping you on top of what the new spots are. Wonderfully informative, with it’s finger on the pulse.

Leeds List front page 20/03/2017

Leeds List – the highest ranking site in our review of culture blogs in Leeds.



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