The Gender Recognition Act, will the law be updated?

October 16, 2018

Leeds Labour Students group held a drop in at the University of Leeds for people to submit responses to the consultation this afternoon.

By Jaimie Kay and India Rose

The consultation ends on Friday 19th October. The Government are proposing to change the GRA to update the current process, removing the need for a medical examination to determine a person’s legal gender.

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The Government will look at the public responses and make a decision as to whether the Act should be reformed.

Luke Hurst of Leeds Labour students said one outcome of the reform would be:

“It removes the burden of sitting in front of a medical panel and being cross analysed to change your gender legally”

The current process to apply for a gender recognition certificate is as follows:

  • Any adult aged at least 18 can apply for a gender recognition certificate on the basis that they are living in the other gender.
  • Has or had gender dysphoria
  • Has lived in the acquired gender throughout the period of two years
  • Intends to live in the acquired gender until death
  • Must provide evidence by a report made by a registered medical practitioner or registered psychologist practicing in the field of gender dysphoria AND a report made by another registered medical practitioner

The consultation would pertain to update the act and make the above process simpler.

There has been a strong debate as to the reformation of this act, it has been met with fierce opposition at times from feminist groups. The group Women’s Place UK were recently denied a venue from Leeds City Council after it was met with protest from other groups.

A petition was signed by nearly 13,000 people in the UK stating the change in law to allow Transgender people to self define their legal gender.

“Transgender people in the UK are forced to pay to prove their identity to a Gender Recognition Panel. This process is humiliating, outdated and unnecessary.”

The consultation deadline is this Friday, the public can submit their own responses online.



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