Fashion Blogging in Leeds

March 20, 2017

In terms of fashion, Leeds caters for everyone. The compact city centre is the perfect shopping destination.

A Forte For Fashion

A Forte For Fashion came number one in our ranking for Leeds fashion blog

If you are looking for a fashion blog based in Leeds you may struggle. We first checked out fashion blogging in Leeds in 2015, but we’ve found it has declined since then. There are still lots of lifestyle blogs, but not many dedicated fashion sites. These are the top three we could find.

Ranking in first place with 2,167 followers on Twitter is A Forte For Fashion, which started in 2008 and is based primarily in Leeds. You’ll find a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts with picks from high street and designer collections.

Sophie Cliff has a smaller reach on Twitter with 1,988 followers and a lower traffic rank but it began in 2015 and is continuously growing. Sophie Cliff’s blog has lots of personality and is centred around fashion and travel, but you will also find a ‘Life’ section featuring her 10 favourite moments of the week giving it a personal touch.

Third is the award winning blog Em talks created by Em Sheldon. Although this blog has a twitter following of over 27K it is based between both Leeds and London as opposed to the previous two blogs that are based in Leeds alone. Em talks is a fashion, beauty, fitness, travel and lifestyle blog and is definitely worth a read.

All three blogs have strong Instagram pages and this is fast becoming the preferred platform for fashion.

Sophie Hastings



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