Train strikes extended through December

November 29, 2018

By Jack Church

Very few trains are expected to run throughout December, which will have a huge effect on Football matches and Concerts in the North. 

Transport service operator Northern Trains have said that RMT strike action, which is planned for multiple dates throughout December, will mean that there will be very few trains running after 5pm.Train2


Northern trains has called for RMT to suspend it’s strike action. Also, RMT have made agreements with other train operators that it refuses to discuss with Northern.

This is going to have an immediate effect on numerous gigs and football matches that will be taking place throughput December, as concert goers and football fans rely on trains, and other forms of public transport, to get to and from the venues.

Train Outside2

The managing director of Northern, David Brown, has said: “By the end of December, we will have had 19 consecutive Saturdays of RMT strike action. This targeted action disrupts our customers’ lives. But, as we enter a vital period for businesses, it also damages the economic well-being of the north of England”.



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