Charging points to be installed across West Yorkshire

November 30, 2018

Car on charge in Woodhouse car park in Leeds

Car on charge in Woodhouse car park in Leeds

By Emily Stables

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) want to encourage more people to drive electric cars by installing a larger number of charging points for electric car drivers.

At least 88 new electric charging points will be installed in a bid to improve air quality across West Yorkshire. The charging points will start be installed in 2019.

Each charging point will have two bays, one for taxis and private hire vehicles and one for all other users, according to the WYCA. The Authority are providing £1.2 million of funding which will be installed by ENGIE, an energy and services company, who will own and operate charging points for at least 10 years.

Gavin Andrews, Leeds Green Party Media Officer, said that ‘Funding should be prioritised to improve access to high quality, low carbon, public transport, safe cycling and walking neighborhoods’

‘These are the areas that will produce the greatest long term environmental and social benefits’

‘The installation of EV charge points must be carried out in a way that doesn’t block pavements, cycle or public transport routes as encouraging more walking, cycling and the use of public transport has a greater environmental benefits than the transition to electric vehicles.’

The rapid charging service will be free up to October 2021 and will provide full charge to an electric vehicle in around 20-30 minutes. They will be installed mainly in car parks.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority want to encourage more people to drive electric cars.

Councillor Barry Anderson said ‘I welcome the investment into these charging points and if we are to get people to change their behaviours in terms of what vehicles they drive, this is important’

‘We need to get the manufacturers to increase their output of manufacturing electric vehicles in much greater numbers to reduce the price and make them much more affordable to everyone.’

Currently, Leeds has the lowest emission vehicles across local authority in England but they are looking to increase the number of people using zero emissions vehicles to reduce this further.

Leeds was one of the five cities that needed the clean air plan because of the high levels of nitrogen oxide which is often caused by diesel fumes.




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