My first vote | Why I am voting for the Greens

March 27, 2015

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Oliver Hope, 22, is from Cheshire. This is his first general election

What I am here to do is show you some things about the Green Party that maybe you were not aware off, seeing as you, the reader, are more than likely a student I thought I would structure my article around students and what the Green Party can do, or at least claim to do, for fellow students.

Why have students become averted to politics? Maybe it’s owing to the high costs of tuition fees that have prevented many from going to university, and forced those lucky people who do go to university to have the onset of possibly being in debt for decades.

But the Green Party can change this. Here are some reasons why:

1. Investing in youth employment: Both the Green Party and the European Parliament have already campaigned to ensure an investment in youth unemployment and have successfully achieved the allocation of £3 billion to help support youth unemployment throughout the United Kingdom.

2. Make education free for everyone: Labour introduced tuition fees to the UK and then trebled them, to coalition of Conservatives and Lib Dems trebled them again. The Greens are now the only party that believe higher education should be a public service to all.

3. Stop the privatisation of the NHS: The NHS has currently been undergoing a slow process of privatisation behind closed doors. The Green party are aiming to protect the NHS from privatisation, which prevents an Americanisation of our health system.

4. Provide a fair and welcoming environment for immigrants: There has been a vast amount of anti – immigration sentiments going around with the support of the top political parties (some more than others). Migrants – who have enriched and changed the UK – are feeling more isolated, they are being blamed for our issues and the lack of jobs available, problems that exist as a direct result of government policies.

If you believe that we need a radical change to our country and to work towards a society which has a common good. A society where young people can enjoy the benefits that the Green Party strive for.



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