TV newsdays Friday 15 May 2015

May 15, 2015

This group’s swansong as second years. They return as fully fledged final years.

Top stories in today’s programme include: local residents campaign against new housing on farmland; the superheroes raising cash for kids; women of achievement awards in Leeds; and the Leeds art gallery showcasing students’ photography work.

Programme editor: Emily Hoyland
Script Editor: Emma Newman
Studio director: Rory O’Hara

Presenters: Amy Wilkinson and Mollie Hammond

Reporters and researchers: Sophie Roberts, Harriet Barry, Liam Jackson, Rory O’Hara, Sophie Thomas, Isobel Buffin, Ameena Lone, Alex Hammond, Natasha Pilling, Niall Selman, Sam Bradley
Cameras: James Beaumont, Clem Binks, Liam Jackson, Sophie Burgess, Sinead Harte, Abby Cooper



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