Musicians bring a taste of South America to Leeds

May 12, 2019

By Thomas O’Rourke

Traditional red Indian musicians brought a new style of busking to the streets of Leeds

Musicians dressed in traditional costume played the pan flute to shoppers along Briggate in Leeds city centre. The musicians brightly coloured costume was a sharp contrast to the grey skies of Leeds, with their eccentric image stopping passers-by to take photographs and listen to the music.


The musicians travel all around the north of England, visiting cities such as York, Blackpool, and Manchester to share their music. The soothing sound of the pan flute makes a nice change from the typical guitars we hear on our streets.

One musician said “We visit different cities around the UK, to share our music. We also sell CD’s and other bits”

Dream catchers, bracelets, as well as small designs and art work are just some of the things the musicians sell, along with CD’s with their music on them, sold at a respectable £4.99

The music hails from traditional South American folk music, bringing a new culture to the UK. Whilst the musicians were British themselves, they explained they have been playing music for many years, stemming down through generations.

While they are not situated in Leeds, be sure to look out for the red Indian musicians throughout cities across the UK.




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