The people behind the forgotten businesses of Leeds

March 10, 2019

In the midst of a busy city filled with cosmopolitans and high buildings with open windows, with a fast walk and a place to be, we forget about the small local businesses that bring history to our town. The businesses that really are worth investing your money into, the ones with character and service with a smile. Our city, the one with history and character and the people who built it up to be what it was, the people we may not even notice in our panic to get from one place to the next.

Sharon and Karen (I haven’t made that up) run the old off license, with all your small needs, day by day. This hole in the wall, brings all your needs for when you need a quick stop on the way to the station or the shops. Sharon has been working along side the business for 13 years showing dedication and love for the city. Sharon says, “the business has been here since I was a little girl,” If you find comfort in knowing your ancestors probably visited this historical sweet shop, this is the place for you.


A stall holding elderly women’s clothing, like nothing they sell in the shops anymore for a cheap price compared to the high street, is located in the market next to a little flower stall, hidden away this should be counted as a historical artefact from the years its been open. The ladies store has been running since the back end of the 1930’s; it even survived the war. The same family have been running it for decades ever since, a traditional Jewish family, with good customer service qualities, who always know how to keep its custom.  The friendly man with the big smile, who runs the store was raised by the family and is more than happy to spend his time chatting away to you. A polite man with many stories to tell.







words by: Shauna Hill



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