The top five Leeds politics blogs

March 20, 2017

Like every major city, politics is well within the consciousness of the Leeds populace. Here are the five best blogs for Leodensians to remain in the loop about local issues and events, and to gain an understanding of how their fellow residents feel about their city.

Leeds is a city tuned into politics (Wiki Commons)

Leeds is a city tuned into politics (Wiki Commons)

For pure political writings rather than promotion of events, Leeds For Change provides a great first port of call. The website is open for anyone to write their musings on current affairs from within Leeds and beyond. Subjects such as health, migration and the Green Party are just three of many that are covered.

If you’re a student, The Gryphon is within the same ballpark. Although a catch all student website, there is a lot of focus on the issues of today within the political spectrum. Currently prominent figures such as Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn evoke talking points among the writers.

Leeds Labour MP Richard Burgon has his own blog where he expresses his own opinions on subjects, from the EU Referendum, to the Leeds soldiers who gave their lives in the First World War. Likewise, Labour MP Fabian Hamilton offers his thoughts on the Leeds NE website.

Leeds Salon styles itself as a creator of forums and political debates. The website includes write-ups on debates that they have staged, as well as future events, with a strong emphasis on the participation of young people from schools and colleges. For people wanting to involve themselves in such activities, it provides great pointers.

By Luke Devine



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