Information wants to be free.

Data is everywhere now, accessible and easy to acquire. It’s not always easy to interpret though. That’s where our Data Journalism comes in.

At Leeds Hacks, we are learning to craft journalism from numbers. We’re using those open resources to make stories from scratch. If we make mistakes, please do let us know in the comments and we’ll amend them straight away.


Every couple of years, Leeds Hacks takes a look at the the state of blogging in the area. We look at the amount of traffic area blogs get, how many incoming links they have and look at their twitter followers. We’re pretty strict, removing sites that top web stats tracker Alexa doesn’t list. One of our biggest findings this year? Blogging may well have had its day…


What happens when you look at who sits on the boards of FTSE 100 companies and start to chart the connections between those people. Something amazing. You’re able to see who are the most influential people in the UK, but in Europe. You can see who knows who and who is doing business with who.

ympsUpdated for 2017 – Leeds Hacks students scraped data from They Work For You and other sources to create a definitive league table showing how hard your MPs are working for their money. Who came out on top? Who is costing you most? The results may surprise you…


Our second year students used data from online review sites to find the best in food, entertainment and nightlife in the great city of Leeds: