Reverse advent calendar campaign bids to help the people of Leeds

December 6, 2018

By Beth Kilgallon 

The Reverse Advent Calendar campaign is taking place again in Leeds this Christmas period, following its success in previous years.

Various charities across Leeds will be benefiting from the campaign such as Leeds North and West Foodbank, Leeds Baby Bank and St Georges Crypt. The campaign involves choosing one item a day, putting it in to a box and donating it to charities who are in need supplies to help people.

Foodbanks across Leeds became involved in the Reverse Advent Calendar  when they began appealing for Christmas donations and it was suggested to them that they would benefit from the campaign. In the last three years that Leeds North and West Foodbank has been involved, it has been extremely successful as it really boosts their stock levels.

Donations from the reverse advent campaign to Leeds Foodbank

Donations that Leeds North and West Foodbank have received through the Reverse Advent campaign.

Patricia Ryder, distribution center manager at Leeds North and West Foodbank, said: “The aim of reverse advent is to show that just by donating one item a day you can really make a difference combined with the Christmas spirit of giving.”

“Lots of people get involved in the campaign, some even begin in November so they can drop off their donations in time for Christmas. Lots of people find it a great way to get children involved too.”

The Leeds North and West Foodbank website explains: “Collecting a box to donate to the Foodbank is a great way to show children and grandchildren that Christmas is a time for giving and not just for receiving presents and eating chocolate.”

Christmas drawing from children involved in campaign

Children love helping others by getting involved in this campaign.

Useful donations include items such as canned food, pasta, rice and noodles as well as chocolate during the festive period. However Patricia Ryder says: “We do not dictate what people donate, we let them know what we are most in need of and leave the choices to them.”




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